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    We are pleased to announce NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL OF LITERARY ARTS & CARTOONING, a very special project we’ve been working on for some time now.

    newsouthfest (follow us!) is a continuation of Foxing's mission. We plan to establish a large-scale books and comics festival for June 2015: a four-day event with two days of festival, bookended by corresponding events like an art show and concert. The festival, taking place on Saturday (6/7) and Sunday (6/8), will feature a book fair with 120-150 exhibitors and cross-disciplinary panels. New South will celebrate independent literature, alternative comics, small presses, and print culture. It will be highly curated, focused, fresh, and irreverent. 

    Please visit our Kickstarter page to learn more.

    Support us!



    This is an awesome idea! I have always wanted a convention like this to start up in Austin, so go to the kickstarter and support it. Then, come crash at my place and we can try to get a table.

  2. New design for Jagerbumps. Poor boy is waitin’ on a sacrifice in his cocaine pentagram.

  3. This is what the cool kids so on Saturdays at midnight. #partytilyoupuka

  4. New in the Rot Shop! Party Doggs, a collaboration between Trevor Powers(trevorpowers.net) and myself, featuring some unseen drawings. Its a short one, so I’m also sending a copy out with any other orders. Artofgutrot.com/shop #zine #collaboration #trevorpowers #Gutrot #partytilyoubark

  5. New in the Rot Shop! Snakebomb Comix III outta luscious Portland, OR. Published by Jack Hayden featuring 52 pages of comics, including a cover and a 5-pager by myself. Artofgutrot.com/shop #comics #anthology #snakebomb #Portland #art

  6. PARTY DOGGS. My new zine in collaboration with my buddy Trevor Powers. I’m bringing a stack of these up to Boston on Wednesday, and I’ll put the rest online for sale end of the month. #partydoggs #zine #Austin #Boston #collab #bigsleaze #cornchips

  7. New shirt design for @americansharks check em out while they are on tour. If I found one of these rides in town, I’d pro badly do this every other week. #drunk #americansharks #design #Gutrot

  8. ORIGINAL ART SALE. I’m selling
    some sketches/warmups to fund the 3 weeks I’m about to spend in Boston, help offset some recent computer repairs, and put my adopted son #Djembe thru air conditioner repair school. This and more on the website, priced to move. Artofgutrot.com/shop #art #sale #ink #Gutrot #comeoriginale

  9. #Gutrot sketch zines back in stock! I’m closing shop all of August, so hit it up soon. (at Artofgutrot.com/shop)

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  10. #Gutrot Bonglord tees have finally been reprinted! Fuck yeah- now you have a new shirt to bury in the dirt before burning one for the dark lord. Artofgutrot.com/shop to order

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